Modernising GSMA’s training courses to improve engagement

The GSMA is an organisation set up to represent the interests of the mobile industry across the globe, such as the companies that run the mobile networks, phone manufacturers, infrastructure providers and those in nearby industry sectors.

It runs a free training programme for policy makers and regulators to help keep them up to date with the latest industry thinking and trends, highlighting examples of good regulation across a wide range of topics.

It offers a mixture of online and face-to face courses, and it recently underwent a programme of modernisation to re-imagine the way its training is delivered to improve its learning outcomes. Existing courses have been largely delivered through PowerPoint, and the GSMA wanted to make its classes more interactive to increase engagement and help learners recall key facts.

Engaging training

In advance of switching to a new Learning Management System (LMS), it tasked Padua Communications to work with its internal content team to re-imagine its training materials using a new content authoring tool, Articulate Rise 360. We took some time to understand the target audience that would be receiving the training and made sure that we developed a full picture of their level of understanding of the topic and how they would use the LMS.

We then took each course and thought of ways the existing material could be presented in a more engaging way, using the tools that were available in the new content authoring tool and LMS. Wherever possible, we repurposed content that already existed. We then built each course and thoroughly tested it to make sure the user journey worked well, whether the course was delivered in person or remotely.

Jason Jenkins, director at Padua Communications says, “We always look at the audience for a piece of content before we do anything else, crafting and refining the key messages that need to be conveyed. We also do a lot of work on the tone and language used in the content. We have to be mindful to write and speak in a language that the customer uses, simplifying technical concepts and jargon where necessary, while not dumbing down for a more technical audience.”

Excellent results

Niall Magennis, senior director at GSMA Capacity Building, says: “We were very happy with the way Padua Communications worked alongside our internal content team to modernise our training. Feedback from the re-vamped courses has been very positive and we are seeing better levels of information recall and increased satisfaction from our delegates.

“Padua Communications made the process very easy for us, taking the time to understand our organisation and the issues involved in each course. The project has been so successful, we are expanding our partnership with Padua Communications and will be modernising the rest of our training portfolio over the next few months.”

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