Dolce Vita service packages

Dolce Vita Packages

Marketing strategy and implementation for SMEs 

Our Dolce Vita services are brilliant for businesses that are looking for expert advice as and when they need it.

The Dolce Vita range has been created to give SME business owners and managers confidence as they make marketing changes in challenging circumstances.

Dolce Vita is:

Flexible –  choose how much you need for your business

Easy to set up – there is no tie-in period

Cost-effective - a monthly cost to suit your budget

Pick from Duo, Quattro, Otto or Completo

Prices start from £250 per month - get in touch for details


Strategic marketing advice for business owners

Duo is ideal for business owners who want to brainstorm some ideas or get some expert, strategic advice on longer term marketing activities. It includes two hours of advice each month as and when you need it. If you need a structure to help you focus, Duo can be used in a single two hour period to work on strategy, or split across the month to hold you to account and keep you on track with your marketing and communications.


Strategic marketing advice and content review

Quattro is perfect for busy business owners who want to check in on their strategy and get some pointers on what activities they need to put in place first. A typical month may include a strategic brainstorm, some time to review marketing content and an action list for the following month to ensure marketing and comms stays front of mind. Also included in this package are six social media snippet updates to ensure you are pushing your key messages consistently.


Blending marketing strategy and content creation

Like the strategic element in Duo and Quattro, Otto includes time for a monthly marketing strategy support call, so you can pick our brains as and when you need. Otto also includes content creation and implementation. You get a monthly piece of content such as a blog post or opinion piece and eight social media snippet updates included. Sometimes, you just need a spare pair of hands to ensure marketing and communications are consistent. If marketing stops in your business when you are busy, Otto is for you.


Your very own outsourced marketing support

A perfect solution if you are looking to outsource your marketing support and want senior professional advice at a fraction of a cost of a full-time marketing director. Completo means we are at your beck and call, there to offer strategic advice and guidance whenever you need it. Completo also includes content creation with two monthly shorter pieces of content such as blog posts or one longer piece, such as a case study or thought leadership article. You will have marketing strategy support on call whenever you need it. We will  implement your marketing programme, including the creation of social media content for your social media channels.


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