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Local Surveyors Direct (LSD) is one of the UK’s largest price comparison websites for property services, encompassing seven home improvement and building expert websites.

It launched two new websites: MyHomeExtension.co.uk and HouseMovePro.co.uk, to provide information to people looking to extend or move house. Visitors to these websites can then click through to its property database where they can get free estimates from specialist property services in their area.

LSD wanted to attract visitors to the new sites organically, with regular and engaging blog content promoted through its social media platforms. The sites were getting about 50 visits per week for each new blog – but writing new content each week was proving time consuming and LSD asked content specialists Padua Communications to help.

Rachael Kenny, LSD’s marketing director, says: “We wanted a younger voice that was more in tune with what people are searching for. Padua Communications came up with a new content schedule with fresh ideas that we hadn’t thought of before. We liked everything it suggested.”

Our strategy

To put the content strategy together, Padua Communications spent a lot of time researching the marketplaces the websites operate in. Managing Director Nicky Rudd says: “We put a lot of effort into understanding our clients’ businesses and their customers. We think about the customer journey and identify the unique benefits of the products our clients sell.

“We also think about the messaging, the right channels to use and the tone of voice we should use in any content. After running some keyword research and thinking about any external factors that could affect the plan, we check the deadlines and lead times we are working to and suggest a balanced mix of stories and channels to get the central message the client wants to convey across.”

Fantastic results

Website visits have now increased by 500 per cent, with new blogs regularly achieving 300 visits a week. Rachel picks up the story: “The blog content provided by Padua Communications has helped us tap into what people want to know about. People are literally typing as they speak or using voice search. Padua Communications tailored the blogs to match their search criteria. Our sites are particularly suited to straight talking, easy to understand, bite-sized information that engages and explains, rather than overloads them with heavy legal jargon or specialist terminology,” says Rachael.

However even LSD had to double check Google Analytics when one blog received 2,133 visits in just seven days – increasing website visits by 4,100 per cent. The blog, ‘How much does an extension cost?’ was promoted on Facebook and Twitter, and the response blew LSD away.

“I actually had to double check the visits because I couldn’t believe it was right,” admits Rachael.  “It was the content that made the difference. From that one blog we achieved new leads clicking though to the architects and builders estimate forms, which means they weren’t coming to the site through Google Ads, which saves us a lot money. 

“Not only have the increased conversions given the websites a significant lift, but it has made my life very easy. Every month, Padua Communications emails me expert and high-quality blogs, which I can just upload and promote on our platforms. The impact Padua Communications has had on our business has been very positive.”

Do you need someone to write your company blogs? Our content specialists can help you today. Give us a call on 0203 282 7570 or email [email protected].

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