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Media relations

Being able to grab a journalist’s attention is a crucial PR skill.

With such a deluge of information on the media’s radar these days, it’s essential to make a story stand out from the crowd. Knowing what assets are needed to support the story and timing it for maximum impact are also crucial to the success news story pitch.

Whether drafting a tweet or a press release, promoting a story to a journalist or a blogger, we know how to gain maximum access to your target market, whatever the media channel.

Media relations
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Thought leadership

Thoroughly researched and expertly written features and thought leadership articles build your reputation as a go-to hub for anyone looking for industry insight.

It’s a long-term undertaking, but it’s worth it.

When you establish yourself as an authority in your field, people trust you. Instead of your business being merely a commercial outfit, it becomes the place people turn to for answers to industry-related questions and solutions to their specific needs.

PR service package

Our Paparazzo service is perfect for businesses that need stories to help them stand out from the crowd and grab journalists’ attention.

Internal communications

Internal communications bring a shared vision and a sense of company values to employees working in separate offices performing different roles.

The rise of 24/7 real-time information has made internal communications more important than ever.

By talking to a broad mix of people in a company, our stories build relationships that are more inclusive, honest and naturally aligned to each organisation’s individual internal communications process.

Internal communications

Internal communications packages

We have two packages for internal comms. One for newer businesses finding their feet after the pandemic, and another for larger organisations that need fresh ideas, support and extra clarity.

Crisis communications

Crisis communications

When a crisis hits, the response needs to be instinctive and effective.

That’s why smart organisations have a communications plan in place – constantly updated, regularly rehearsed and designed to help you recover from any crisis.

With today’s social media, a little local difficulty can soon go viral and become a global catastrophe. Our crisis communications support can prevent this and turn the problem around, defusing the crisis and maintaining your reputation.

Case study


When Padua Communications were asked by laser technology and 3D printing specialists, Laser Lines, to advise on its general marketing, it was so pleased with the results it engaged the company to revitalise all its marketing and communications – from websites to exhibitions, thought leadership articles to Twitter.

By taking a proactive approach to maximising PR opportunities, Padua Communications has transformed the fortunes of Laser Lines. The team there can now focus on their area of expertise, safe in the knowledge that prospective customers will be informed and eagerly awaiting every new development.

Media training

How you communicate with the media is vital to your reputation.

Whether it’s good news or an emergency statement that’s being expressed, a clear, confident delivery is essential to convey credibility.

Handling the media doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s just a matter of being prepared. With tailored training focused on you, your company and your issues, we’ll help you plan your key messages and take control of the entire experience, from dealing with nerves to handling difficult questions.

Media training

Why choose Padua Communications for PR?


It takes specialist insight to make the media work on your behalf. With experienced journalists, PRs and marketers on our team, we’ll get you great coverage in key publications.

Media savvy

We know what makes a great story. Give us raw information and we’ll give you a headline-grabbing news event that generates eye-catching media exposure for your business.


Businesses trust us. By balancing competitive advantage, confidentiality issues and commercial integrity, we protect your brand while optimising media coverage.


Sometimes, the most obvious solution is not the best. It often requires careful diplomacy and dogged determination to nurture the most advantageous outcome.

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