How Padua Communications streamlined GSMA’s training delivery

If you have ever been on a training course, then you’ll be no stranger to the dual challenges of taking meaningful notes while simultaneously trying to absorb the speakers’ presentations.

Most of us can manage it for a few hours, but if the course lasts longer than a day, it can become a battle to stay focused, yet retain all the information. This was exactly the issue that was of concern to GSMA’s Capacity Building training programme for policymakers and regulators. Although delegates received PowerPoint slides after the courses, the GSMA felt delegates would benefit greatly if they had more detailed training materials to takeaway. Thanks to its content, technology and publishing expertise, Padua Communications was called in to fix this.

Global training

gsma IOT bookletAs the global association of mobile network operators, the GSMA represents the interests of nearly 800 mobile operators worldwide, including handset and device makers, software companies, equipment providers and internet companies. It produces industry-leading training, conferences and events for these audiences globally.

Its Capacity Building programme aims to bring policymakers and regulators across the global mobile ecosystem up to speed with the latest industry developments and regulatory best practice from around the world.

To do this, its in-house experts have created high-quality training courses, delivered both face-to-face and online, that highlight real-world examples of policy and regulatory best practice.

Detailed presentations

gsma spectrum management bookletAlthough GSMA’s highly experienced trainers had prepared their own detailed presentations and explanatory notes to deliver the courses, they only provided attendees with PowerPoint slides to take away at the end. The programme was worried this was hindering learning and recall.

The GSMA’s courses are very detailed, very technical, and most take two or three days each to deliver. With the trainers’ PowerPoint slides and notes, our job was to rewrite the material, so it made sense as a booklet rather than as spoken word.

Padua Communications was asked to take the raw material and produce some memorable reference material. This meant clarifying the meaning of what the GSMA’s experts were saying without losing any of its authority or accuracy, as well as designing and producing a visually distinctive booklet that fits in with the wider GSMA style.

A trusted choice

gsma principles internet governanceThere is a lot of trust involved in a project such as this, but Niall Magennis, Senior Director of GSMA Capacity Building, says Padua Communications was “the obvious choice” for the job.

“To further improve the quality of our training, we knew we needed to provide high-quality booklets as a takeaway for course attendees. Padua Communications’ expert team was a natural fit for us, because we know they have vast technical knowhow in the field of mobile technology, plus extensive publishing expertise across different types of content,” explains Niall.

“We also knew we could trust Padua Communications to get on with the job, safe in the knowledge the content would be well-written and clearly explained, even though it was technically challenging. They made the whole process incredibly smooth for us – from taking the initial brief to delivering the finished product – and feedback from delegates shows they are delighted with the new materials.”

We can help you

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