Do you still use press releases or are they dead in the age of content marketing? If a press release hits your inbox are you delighted at the opportunity to engage with the organisation behind it, or do you roll your eyes and click delete?

Press releases can be very useful pieces of content, partly because they are so formulaic in their structure. If you are putting one together, it forces you to take a good, hard look at what you are trying to say, why you want to say it and who you want to hear it. They are also great tools to use internally to force you to think about what the news actually is.

Bespoke content

On the other hand, you can’t simply blast press releases out to a long list of targets and hope for a direct hit. When it comes to dealing with the media, if it turns out that your news is not interesting enough for a journalist to use, then it’s not a good enough story. Publications want bespoke content and there’s no point throwing out words with little substance about a story that isn’t news.

If you do manage to get some coverage from a press release in a news snippet, then that’s positive. However, what you really want is to start a conversation with the titles you’ve targeted.

Get ahead of the curve

Marketeers need to understand that the press release is its own specific type of communication channel. It’s something I’ll be talking about at a forthcoming CIM event in our home town of Woking on Thursday January 21st on the topic of ‘How to get ahead of the marketing curve for 2016’.

I’ll be joined by local marketing experts Sally Pritchard, director at Something Big, who is going to talk about the big marketing trends in 2016. I’ll also be joined by Francesca Monaco, marketing director at Rocketseed, who will share her insights into how you can maximise the power of your email communication. On behalf of Padua Communications, I’ll be looking at the future of PR and whether the press release is a dinosaur in the era of content marketing.

Transform your marketing

If you want to find out how to stay at the top of your game in a marketing space that is constantly evolving (and get some CIM CPD points for it at the same time), then join us to discover the big trends set to transform marketing activity in 2016.

The event opens at 6pm for registration and networking, with the seminar running from 6.30-7pm, followed by a drinks reception and a chance to network until 9pm.

You can book your place at the CIM website and we’d love to see you there, so do come and say hello.