The importance of agile marketing

By Nicky Rudd
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The marketing landscape is constantly changing, and so we need to make sure we have the agility and flexibility to change with it. When we are planning, we’re also thinking about monitoring and measuring progress. This allows us the space to put more emphasis on the things that are working, and to stop the things that are not.

Here are some of the things we’re talking to our clients about at the moment:

Be prepared to change

The beauty of digital marketing and social media is that you can instantly change things to take advantage of new opportunities. You have to be ready to switch your marketing focus and change your plans so that you can reach the right people when they’re open to your approach.

Your business may already use an Agile process for product development, so why not apply the same approach to your marketing? Working alongside your marketing partners, you can experiment with your marketing, adopt a fast ‘release’ attitude and put your user – your customer – at the heart of all your decision making.

Perhaps, instead of long-term campaign planning, this is the year of quick, focused, impactful marketing communications, showing your customers that you’re dynamic, market-aware and ready to deliver.

Looking after your existing clients

We all know that 2023 is likely to be a tough year. You already have a good working relationship with your existing clients, so focus some of your marketing and communication effort on making those customers feel good about being part of your team.

Look for ways to up-sell or cross-sell to this group, or to attract lapsed customers back through your door. The costs of re-acquiring customers is far less than finding new ones, so this also helps to make the most of your budget.

Use interactive content to engage your customer base

Who doesn’t love a quick online quiz? Your customers really like to interact with you, so think about how you can get them to actively engage with your business and your offering. Quizzes, competitions, polls, stories – all these opportunities help you to build better relationships and stand out from the competition.

Use your data

Making the most of your marketing budget means being as focused as possible. And today, that’s only possible by collecting, analysing and using your data. It’s fascinating to see how people interact with your marketing. You can see how they come into your funnel – and where they might drop out.

You can tighten your target market, change your marketing channels, refine your messages and improve your customer experience – all by understanding the marketing data in your business.

Be transparent and authentic

Customers are savvy – we are all consumers, and we know how to spot claims that are too good to be true. We can see greenwashing a mile away and we expect the brands we interact with to behave with integrity. The more authentic you are and the more seriously you take your environmental, social and employer responsibilities, the more likely people are to connect with you. That’s only going to become more important in 2023.

We’re looking forward to an exciting year, helping our clients transform their marketing and communications approach, growing their brand presence and delivering the best customer experiences. If you’d like a chat about how it works, just get in touch today.

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