Trusted, competent, creative and proactive – key reasons to work with us

It is extremely important for us to regularly check in with our clients to check how well we are performing. Recently, we asked our partners and clients what they valued about working with us.

The findings from our survey highlighted some of our key values, with our customers describing us as: “A brilliantly experienced and fun team and most trusted partner”, “professional, supportive and friendly”, “a trusted partner that takes the time to understand our business and offers content that adds value to our external communications” and “a steady ship in uncertain waters.”

Nicky Rudd, managing director of Padua Communications, says: “We are thrilled to get such positive responses from our survey. After being in business for 12 years and working with some fantastic clients, we are always focused on making sure that we don’t get complacent.

“It’s crucial to our business that we challenge ourselves to be the best, and exceptional customer service is really important to me and my fellow director, Jason Jenkins.”

Jason adds: “We want clients to know that they can trust us and ask us for support in many areas. It is part of our culture that we are approachable and that we are always improving what we do and how we do it. To receive lots of comments about how trusted we are, that our integrity is respected and that we are viewed as experts in content and communications is fantastic.”

Of the people in the survey:

• 96% said they were likely to recommend Padua Communications
• 96% are highly satisfied with their experience of working with Padua Communications
• 90% said that Padua Communications offers really good value for money
• 94% highly trust Padua Communications
• 96% said we are eager to help, with 94% saying we have been able to assist
• 90% said we are highly responsive
• Trust and experience are the two big influencers for why people want to work with us
• The traits that best describe us are: trusted, competent, creative and proactive

If you want to experience our collaborative, creative approach for yourself, give Nicky or Jason a call on 020 3282 7570 or email [email protected] today to find out how we can help your business with long term brand building and short term lead generation.

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