What do you think is more important – wisdom or knowledge?

By Nicky Rudd
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‘Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers’ Calvin Coolidge

I came across this quote many moons ago and it’s always struck a chord. There’s something to be said for having many years of experience in whatever field you’re in. However as a marketing and communications consultancy, we have the challenge of marrying our traditional marketing wisdom with the new found knowledge of keeping abreast of changes in communication – blogging,  video and social media, let alone the different platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook or Pinterest and Infographics to name just a few.

So when it comes to marketing and business communications, what is more important – wisdom or knowledge?

When we work with clients and after we’ve agreed on who the actual target audience is that they are reaching out to, we use a bit of both. Depending on your audience, you may find that your marketing does change. If your customers are now getting their information online, you may need to go on some fast track learning courses to get a real understanding of how your clients are getting their information. If you get new business from using traditional door-to-door flyers, something you have done for years and it is still getting you leads, then your marketing is working.

However for many people, the way they consume media and information is changing. Think on it. Only 18 months ago, I probably got most of my news from the BBC website. Now my first port of call for breaking news is Twitter. That’s not to say that I don’t look at the BBC website ever. I do but I enjoy a smorgasbord of sites from where I get my information.

It’s all in the content…

What interests me more is the content. What information is being put out there? How relevant is is to me? To my business? To my life and interests? And is it from a trusted source?

Let’s take this morning for example…

These are the sites I’ve been on in the last few hours and why: Twitter (News), The Guardian (Dr Who), The Daily Mail (Beards and George Clooney!)George C, B2B Marketing (marketing and social media), LinkedIn (inmails), PR Daily.com (social media), Twitter (News and catch ups with colleagues), Tomorrow People (Twitter), BBC Online (news), CERN (news), Buzzfeed (Kevin Bacon and connected Hollywooders), Youtube (Paralympics), Facebook (Brooklands radio) and back to Twitter…and that’s not including the client sites I’ve visited already today too.

To encourage customers onto your site and in a bid to connect and have a conversation with them, think about what they need and create content that will suit them. Can you help them with advice? Can you inspire them to think creatively? Can you teach them so they can keep abreast of their business challenges? Create some compelling content that makes their lives a little simpler…and that shows that you understand their business and the problems they face. Then use the most appropriate communications channel to broadcast this and seed interest.

Have you got a burning question?

With this in mind and inspired by Calvin’s quote, we’re going to produce a regular blog that answers specific questions that we get asked  a lot. So check back next week if you want to know more about hashtags on Twitter!

We’re also interested to hear from you – what burning comms questions would you like covered? They can be on social media, copywriting, PR, marketing, branding and content. Just post them below or email [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you!






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