GDPR means that quality content has never been more important

By Jay Baylis
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In May 2018, a huge shakeup to data laws is coming. Thanks to GDPR (the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation), customers and individuals will now have increased choice and control about who is sending them information.

GDPR gives every EU citizen genuine consent over who uses their personal data, which means there can be no more pre-ticked boxes or default consent settings buried in the terms and conditions. Instead, from May 25, 2018 certain companies have to be able to prove that people have given their consent to receive information from them.

For that to happen, customers will want to know they are signing up for something worthwhile. The content they receive can no longer be humdrum, sales heavy and repetitive. Instead, companies will have to start delivering innovative, relevant and high-quality content if they want to retain and build customer engagement.

The opportunity

At Padua Communications, we believe GDPR is a catalyst for companies wanting to draw a line in the sand and start creating content that’s interesting, exciting and in tune with their customers’ needs. Knowing that your customers genuinely want to receive information from you is a massive opportunity. So, don’t disappoint them. Instead create quality content that they will want to read and act on. It will increase open rates and click through rates, delivering more leads of better quality.

What do your target audience want to read or watch? Do they want to be entertained? Informed? Are they interested in saving money or new trends? How often do they want to hear from you? What platforms do they use to access new product and service information?

Rethinking how you speak to your target audience will enable companies to build trusted and authentic relationships with customers. After GDPR, your database might be smaller, but size isn’t everything. Instead, wouldn’t it be better to have a streamlined database full of quality leads and engaged individuals that actually look forward to hearing from you and connecting with your brand?

A recent survey by UK media agency 7stars says a third of Britons polled are ready to exercise their right to be forgotten when GDPR comes into effect. Make sure your company is not on the hit list. Become an innovator in content creation.

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