Life just got sweeter with Padua Communications’ Dolce Vita range of marketing services

We are all in a period of change. Personally and professionally, Covid is really testing us all, so how do you cope with uncertainty? Since we started in 2009, it has been one big change after another: recession, Brexit and now the pandemic.

Our team has a knack of hunkering down and thinking creatively, and this is exactly what has happened this year. When the pandemic hit, we developed a range of training solutions to help SME businesses make the move to online a bit easier – you can find more info on the switch online page.

Now we have gone one further, and today we are launching our Dolce Vita range of marketing support services. The Dolce Vita suite of services are aimed at SME business owners who need some help in these challenging circumstances with strategy and implementation that suits the needs of their changing business. (Dolce Vita is ‘sweet life’ in Italian, so we thought it was an aspirational name for what these services offer.)

Nicky Rudd, Managing Director at Padua Communications, explains: “The days of working on a long-term marketing strategy are on hold for now. Businesses are looking for expert advice as and when they need it. The Dolce Vita range has been created to give SME business owners and managers some confidence and agility as they make changes to their operations in what feels like a weekly basis.

“These changes could involve moving from traditional marketing to online, or having to create a different offering for new services that have been created in response to the pandemic.”

The Dolce Vita range comprises four offerings with varying levels of strategic marketing and implementation support with content creation and social media snippets. These are:


Two hours of advice, as and when you need it. Ideal to brainstorm some ideas or get some expert advice on longer term strategy


Four hours of advice, as and when you need it. Ideal for business owners who want to check in on their strategy. Six social media snippet updates are included in this package.


Eight hours of advice, as and when you need it. Otto includes a monthly blog post, time for a monthly marketing strategy support call and eight social media snippet updates


Advice and guidance whenever you need it. A perfect solution if you are looking to outsource your marketing support and want senior professional advice at a fraction of a cost of a full-time marketing director. Completo includes two monthly blog posts, marketing strategy support and implementation of your marketing programmes, including the creation of social media snippets and the management of your social media channels. We will be at the end of the phone whenever you need us.

Nicky continues: “There is still a lot of uncertainty around as a result of the pandemic. We wanted to deliver a range of affordable solutions that can help businesses as they adapt in the coming months, whether that is help with strategy, implementation or just to spark new ideas if their sales funnel has dried up.”

Dolce Vita services run on a monthly basis, with no tie-in fee. Depending on requirements, businesses can switch between the packages as and when they need additional support. Prices start at £200 per month.

There are more FAQs on the Dolce Vita services page, but if you are looking for your life to be a bit sweeter in the current challenging times, call us on 0203 282 7570 or email us at [email protected]

Incidentally, the image at the top of this post is the gorgeous Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria in Sorrento – one of the amazing clients we have worked with over the past decade.

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