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By Nicky Rudd
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blog_sauceDid you know the word ‘blog’ comes from abbreviating ’web log’?

Blogs have now been around for over ten years and are now an integral part of the Internet. Most of us have read them at one time or another, either for business information or just for pleasure.

Anyone can set up a blog, that’s the easy part. There are lots of websites that can help with the technical aspect, for example WordPress. Thinking about content and something interesting to say each time you blog can be the tricky part. Remember that you should blog on a fairly regular basis and it should be personable as readers want to know more about the writer behind the blog. So if you are contemplating starting to write a blog, think of it as an online shareable diary that you can update your readers (in an informative way) of what is going on with you and your world.

Blog posts tend to be about 250-400 words long and are written in a fairly relaxed style. It’s a good idea to use some pictures and weblinks to illustrate your point. There are lots of people who have personal blogs, for instance to track their training for a sporting event or to show off their baking skills and share recipes and tips. Many businesses have now started blogging to inform their customers of the latest news, give advice and showcase work. The underlying key commonality between these is passion. To blog about a subject regularly, you need to be passionate about the subject matter.

The other thing we love about blogs is that people can write guest blogs and post them on other blog sites. We often post guest blogs from our community enabling us to share more information on wider topics to our followers and we are always interested in hearing from bloggers who are interested in sharing a post on business communications that would be of interest to our readers. If you have an idea, please leave a comment below or email us at [email protected]

Blogs usually allow for readers to leave comments, giving it a more social feel, so don’t be afraid to give your opinion and ask questions. Why not go ahead and create a conversation?

If you want to find out more about blogging, our guest post from Tracy Stonard at Magenta eMedia might be useful.

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