At its heart, great marketing content and PR communications is about clarity and creativity. We’ve got that in spades. It’s fun devising fresh, exciting ways to get your message across and generate eye-catching exposure. That’s why we love it. Work with us and we’ll help you break free from the jargon and theory to communicate on a more personal level.


It’s all about you. We are here to deliver the outcomes you require. A project is only a success for us if it achieves your objectives, 100%. That’s why our clients tend to stick with us. They like the way we work and they love the results we achieve for them. We are passionate about excellent work and happy customers. When you’re happy, we’re thrilled.


We’re a top-notch team of talented individuals, dedicated to delivering your business objectives. When it comes to hard work, we are ready to rise to the challenge. With our years of industry know-how and at least​ one of Padua Communications’ owners actively working on your account – you can be sure of a first-rate, diligent service at all times.

Our process

We want to know all there is to know about your requirements. We listen to what you have to say, so we can identify every aspect of the challenge.

We think outside the box – and everywhere else. We investigate all options and explore all possibilities to come up with the very best solution.

We put all our energy and enthusiasm into making the plan a success. Our dynamic, proactive approach leaves no opportunity unseized.

We measure the impact of our actions and report our findings back to you. However good the results, we keep working to make them even better.

Personal attention

With Padua Communications, business is personal. We are a team of family and friends, sharing insights and collaborating in perfect harmony to ensure the best outcome is always achieved. This approach extends to our clients as well. By really getting to know and care about ​your business and your people, we ​get to the heart of the challenges you face. In an age of large faceless corporations, our friendly approach lets us get to know each other on a personal as well as a business level.

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Versatile and adaptable

Every business is unique, so we adapt our approach to suit your individual needs and your way of working. Every project is also unique. A slight change to the message, or the people it is targeted towards, or the desired response can make a big difference to the campaign. That is why we treat every task individually and tailor our line of attack to achieve the best results. We are also happy to fit in with your systems when it comes to things like reporting and billing.

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On your wavelength

When you use us, we don’t so much work for you as with you. We take a holistic approach and get close to your business to listen to what your team has to say. As our relationship develops, fresh ideas begin to spark into life, new possibilities are explored and exciting strategies start to take shape. If you want the best coverage for your stories, the most traction with your customers and the greatest impact on your bottom line – we are both thinking on the same wavelength.

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