Who doesn’t love a good story?

By Nicky Rudd
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tell-a-storyEveryone loves a good story. It starts when we are children where we soon learn that a good one has a beginning, middle and end.

Let me tell you a story. A while ago, a young woman decided that she wanted to set up a creative agency that worked with interesting and exciting clients in different industries. Although she had worked in technology PR for a long time, she could see that she had lots of skills that could help people tell stories in different ways – in print, video and online.

She knew this because most of her life had been working with people, talking and asking questions – as a teacher, journalist, video editor and broadcaster. She realised that she had found something that she was passionate about. She also realised she knew lots of people that could help her.

Soon, she was working on lots of interesting projects with different, clever people and she was very happy.

She decided to use her own experience as an example of how telling stories could make money.

She built a website, wrote some emails, did some PR, held some events, used social media and asked people why they liked working with her agency. Soon she had content galore and instead of it just being her, she had a team of people all working together.

She told so many stories that her company got bigger and better. And the companies she worked with also grew bigger and better, because they had interesting stories too. Like the company helping the Cambridge University Eco racing team or the company improving safety and efficiency offshore. And the company working out which school meals are better for the environment, or the company helping people kiss and smile.

People respond to stories. Content marketing is the current buzz phrase in marketing circles and companies are beginning to understand that telling a story is much more interesting and memorable than going for a hard sale.

So what’s your story? Does it come easily? If not, why not join us for a cup of tea and we’ll help you get it out there.

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