Should you show prices on your website?

By Nicky Rudd
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How confident are you in your pricing, or is it something you dread talking about when meeting a potential customer? Do you even have your pricing on your website? How clear is it for customers to see what they are getting for their money?

When Nicky first set up Padua Communications, people had a lot of general advice for her about getting the correct pricing for her business, but not so much on whether it made sense to put a price list on your website. Recently, the discussion came up again. And again, we have decided not to have a pricing page for these reasons:

  1. We don’t have a set price list and we cost up each job before we work on it. A ‘one price fits all’ approach doesn’t really work for our business as we offer bespoke solutions to our different clients’ needs.
  2. Quite often we get asked to provide a quote for one service, but after a discussion about the problem the client is trying to solve, what is needed turns out to be very different from that first request – and in most cases, a lot more affordable!
  3. Because of Nicky’s experience in the previous agencies she worked at before setting up Padua Communications, we have a very flexible approach to pricing, retainers and expenses. When we price up a job, we usually give several different options to suit different budgets and timings. This is very different from the traditional agency approach, where as a client, you are tied in for a minimum spend and minimum time period – whether you are getting results or not. Setting up in a recession, Nicky didn’t think this was a very good idea so we decided to offer something different, which has worked well for clients from large corporates to start-ups over the past 12 years.

Having said this, we have developed a range of marketing support services for SMEs. Our Dolce Vita range of solutions are a set cost per month and three of these products do have their pricing on the site. Again, there was a reason for this. We developed these services while we were all on lockdown and reeling from the pandemic. We wanted business owners and SME managers to be able to see there was an affordable, clear solution available.

As with all marketing, put your customer first and think what would be useful for them. If your business offers a bespoke service like ours, it may confuse potential customers to see a pricing page. However, if you are selling standardised products or services, then a pricing page may actually help to encourage potential customers to talk to you. When they do, they are more likely to be a hot prospect as they will have an idea of the sort of budgets involved.

The question is no matter what your customers spend, are they getting value? Sometimes, this is hard to put a figure on. For instance, the work we do for clients is sometime a cog in a whole sales and marketing process and we don’t have control over the entire activity. What we do know is when we are able to measure our activity, customers like the transparency and our approach. We recently did a survey and these were some of the findings:

  • 96% of those asked are likely to recommend Padua Communications
  • 96% of those asked are highly satisfied with their experience of working with Padua Communications
  • 88% say Padua Communications offers really good value for money
  • 94% highly trust Padua Communications

We think these figures show we demonstrate real value and show that we are a trusted partner when it comes to content, marketing and PR.

Are you looking for some support with content marketing, PR or digital marketing in 2021? If so, why not have a chat with us and see how we might be able to help – without breaking the bank. Email [email protected] or give us a call on 0203 282 7570

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