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By Nicky Rudd
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For the past seven years, Padua Communications has helped B2B businesses with award-winning content, marketing and PR. We write a lot of words for websites, especially for blogs, and we are often asked why they work so well for the businesses we work with.

A blog works brilliantly as a central content hub. It’s easily updated, gives your customers a window to your organisation and lets Google know you still have a pulse.

Here are some reasons why a blog is a good thing to have:

  • New content, more prospects – Google loves new, regularly published content posts and because of this, it tends to favour sites that are updated regularly, rather than static websites. New blog content is optimised and indexed by the search engines. This can result in higher search rankings for your key terms, enabling your customers to find you easily.
  • Builds trust and authority  Blogs are considered a trusted source of information compared to some other media channels. Providing honest, valuable and informative content to your customers will build trust and authority, and this in turn leads to increased conversions. Remember that trust equals leads, and leads equal sales. Use your blog as a place to reinforce credibility and to build authority in your industry.
  • Customer engagement – A blog is a great way for your customers to engage directly with your business through comments, questions and updates. This provides an opportunity for your business to show its personality, but most importantly to answer questions and to engage in customer feedback. Your blog links can be used in social media updates too – driving more traffic back to your website.
  • Business that blog receive 54% more visitors according to a Hubspot survey.
  • Your blog content is working for you all of the time – it stays online forever, so once it’s published and indexed, each blog post is ranking in search engines. That means for days, weeks, months, and years to come, you can continue to get traffic and leads from that blog post.

Many of the links back to the Padua Communications site are from posts we published years ago. I can tell you one of our most popular posts is this one about capital letters!

Evergreen content

What we are good at is writing evergreen content – material that is relevant now and stays relevant for as long as possible. We are also adept at getting the tone of voice spot-on. We do this by getting to grips with our clients’ business aims and spending a lot of time getting to know what makes their customers tick. If you want to see our process in action, please let us know and we can come in and run a session for your marcoms team.

We are really good at getting the content, tone and creative ideas behind the stories right and we get comments from clients like – “it’s great to have actual interesting stories for people to read! Where would we be without you, amazing job” – all of the time. We really love getting to know our clients’ businesses, help develop their content strategies and produce blogs that work for them now and for the future.

You can see some examples of our work at and but if you’re interested in finding out more about how we work and our content planning process, we’d love to come and visit you to talk about it. Just let us know when would suit by emailing [email protected] or giving us a ring on 0203 282 7570.

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