Crisis communications training

£199.00 ex. VAT

Duration: 2 hours

How many years have you spent building your reputation? How much is it worth to you? In this course, Nicky provides guidance on the dos and don’ts of crisis comms.

Managing a reputation in a crisis demands a solid skill set. With the effect of social media, an emergency situation can quickly get out of hand. Our online crisis communications training workshop is run by an experienced comms professional, Nicky Rudd of Padua Communications. We will explore who should take responsibility in a crisis situation, preparing spokespeople and messages, handling social media and how to brief staff, stakeholders and the media.

This online session is perfect for any business owner, marketing consultant or marketing professional, PR consultant and social media manager who has the responsibility for managing the public reputation of an organisation or who might be expected to deal with communications at the time of a major incident.

It will challenge your traditional thinking and leave you with a new confidence for remaining in control in emergency situations.

With our training, we help you to:

  • Understand how and why the media react to incidents
  • How to identify key stakeholders and create appropriate messages
  • Recognise the variety of communication media available to you and how to use them effectively
  • Build strategies to protect corporate reputation under testing circumstances
  • Gain skills and confidence for yourself and in briefing colleagues in how to manage communication at the time of a major incident.

Why choose this session?

  • Practical examples and great advice from an industry expert with over 20 years in comms
  • Step by step action plan
  • Top tips for choosing the most appropriate spokesperson
  • Plus a follow up call from us to answer any queries on implementing what you have learnt

Search for a convenient time to take the online course below. Once you have booked, we will email you details of how to join the video conference.