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By Nicky Rudd
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One of the best brand building actions you can do is reach out to the media. PR when done well is far more cost effective than advertising.  You don’t have to be a major consumer brand and PR needn’t cost a fortune.

What you will learn

This course is for newcomers to the world of PR and offers a basic intro to

  • Who’s who in the media
  • When to approach the press
  • How to target your messages with what the media wants
  • We will look at new social media channels used by the press
  • Formats the media love – what to write and what to leave out
  • Working backwards – an understanding of timing when dealing with the media
  • Crisis communications and the top 5 must haves you need to have in your PR plans

Why you should attend this workshop

  1. Relaxed, informal atmosphere, fully interactive
  2. Practical advice rather than too much theory!
  3. Jargon-free, half or full day packed with advice or your money back!
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