You’ve decided you would like to produce a video for your website, as a marketing or training tool or for a new campaign. But how do you go about choosing a production company? Video production can be costly so you need to know that the company you choose will create something your business or organisation can be proud of.

Ann Wright is a former BBC producer who now runs Rough House Media, which has a range of services including video production, media training and crisis communications.

In this week and next week’s guest blog Ann shares 10 tips that help prevent you making an expensive mistake.

How to choose a video producer

  1. Why you want to produce a video? Is it a sales tool, part of a charity campaign, to give instructions on your products, safety or training? Consider this before you even start to look for a production company. Also, think about who the audience is, and where it will be shown – online, at a conference or event or as a video news release.
  1. Get recommendations – on a very basic level, ask other businesses in your network for recommendations for production companies, or if that doesn’t yield any names, do an online search and narrow yourself down to three different companies.
  1. Look at their websites – do their values, ethos, company style and experience match yours and what you are looking for?    Being realistic, my company would not be the right fit if you wanted an animation or music video because we just don’t have the right track record. Ask your contacts who they have used and look for examples that you can research online to see who the production company was.
  1. Who have the production company worked for previously? – if you’re a small business, do they work with small businesses, if you’re a charity, do they work with other charities?
  1. What is their background and what films have they done before?   Do they have examples or a show-reel they can show you? That’s not to say that if they haven’t made a particular type of video before, you should dismiss them (we produced two safety videos earlier this year having never done them before) but production companies do tend to have specialist areas.

Check back next week for Ann’s next five tips.