That’s what we’ve been recommended to talk about at an event to charities and organisations from the Third Sector at an event being hosted by Woking Interagency Network at the HG Wells Centre this week. The nice thing was we were recommended by a local journalist (so we must be doing something right!)

As we were putting together our slides, it reminded me that we have done several posts on this blog about what a press release is and what needs to be considered if you are pitching to the media.

Now more than ever before, journalists are being swamped with information. In fact this was one of the quotes I found online about how many releases a journalists gets in a day:

“I get roughly 100-200 emails a day. I delete 95% of news releases that come into my inbox.”

I also came across this quote –

“Avoid poorly written, badly edited, terrible grammar – remember, you’re pitching people who write and deliver news for a living.”

If you are thinking about doing some media outreach and it’s a bit of an unknown, remember it is  a specialist skill. Get some advice so that you are fully prepared to enter the world of PR with all of the challenges, diplomacy, timelines and deadlines that it will demand of you. Or contact us to arrange to come and pick our brains over a cup of tea..

ps. If grammar is one of your weaker points, check out our grammar tips too