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Do you know today’s date? It’s the 19th of July 2013 and we’re over halfway through 2013!

You might be thinking ‘so what?’ or you may be thinking… ‘How the hell did that happen??’

I’d like you to take 10 minutes out of your busy day and do some reflection. Ask yourself this question: ‘Am I sticking to my marketing plan and getting the results I need?’

If you have answered yes to this question, go grab a biscuit or an ice-lolly and chill out for the rest of the time.

If you have answered no, ask yourself why not? (You can still grab a biscuit or an ice lolly but only if you eat it and think at the same time!)

At the beginning of the year, I wrote a post about how I set my marketing goals. One of the points that I made was that sometimes we need to be cruel to be kind…to ourselves. I said, ‘Be honest about how much time you want to spend marketing, which things you know work and don’t be afraid to put your hand up and say ‘I don’t understand this’ or even, ‘I don’t like doing this!’

If halfway through the year, you haven’t stuck to your marketing plan, what is the reason you haven’t and what makes you think the second half of the year will be better? How will you feel and more importantly what state will your business be in as we finish for Christmas (that’s 158 days away by the way).

Sometimes we just need to bounce our ideas off of someone so for the month of August, every day, we are offering our Helpful Hour from 5pm to 6pm. If you have a marketing idea or communications question that you need some help with, call us on 0203 282 7570 or email us at to book a slot to speak to us (completely free)…and we’ll try our best to get you back on track so the second half of the year, your marketing activity is front and centre.