So here we are – it’s already the 16th of January 2014. Are you easing into the year or has it gone completely manic already?

January is always a bit of a strange month. In our world, it’s a new year, new start with clients often kickstarting the year with a new campaign or product offering. We always try to take some time in January to think about strategy (for Padua Communications and our clients) and often this is done off site – so we’re not tempted to just get cracking with the everyday jobs that need doing at this time of the year.creation

Here  are Padua Communications’ top 3 tips to consider to get your January marketing strategy off to a flying start.

1. Make sure in all your planning, you spend some time evaluating. What did you achieve last year? Was this expected? Where did this success come from? What effect did it have on your bottom line?

2. Are your campaigns, marketing and communications all a bit hum-drum? Be honest – is everything a bit safe and samey? Why not spend some time thinking like your target audience? (and don’t forget to consider new and existing customers!) What will be exciting for them? Use this buzz as the core of your new ideas.

3. Try something new in your marketing mix. Sometimes it is a case of trial and error. In marketing terms, you need to give something long enough to see what the results are but not too long if it’s costing you money and not getting you the results you need. In your marketing toolkit, try one new thing (a quarter) if you can. You never know – it may get your more results than your existing campaigns.

Need some inspiration? Think about the brands you respect and learn from them wherever possible. Whenever I feel I’m being drawn into safe areas, I always like to check the innocent website for inspiration. We might not be able to use language and actions like they do for all of our B2B clients but it still stops us getting too much into safe, serious business mode! (NB: Today’s check uncovered these words to sign up for their newsletter) –

“sign up for love, friendship, a weekly newsletter but no pocket money”

Our last tip is to spend some time looking at other pieces of great work. We were sent this video clip again on Facebook this week and it always makes me smile and encourages me to think differently about the language we use for clients in their marketing messages. Enjoy!

ps. If you are totally stuck, why not drop us a line, ask a question or pop in for tea and we’ll see if we can get those creative juices flowing again!