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video-eventsVideo is a big growth area in communication for businesses, and it’s not just large corporates who are able to produce high-quality films. Advances in technology mean that those on a more modest budget can create powerful pieces.

To do it, you need a company who knows all there is to know about the industry – experts who can do everything, from storyboarding and composing the perfect shot, to editing the footage and all post-production.

The good news is that we have exactly those sort of people working for us here at Padua Communications. Here is a run-down of what you get from our video content specialists.

Detailed preparation

Great video starts with great planning. We spend at lot of time with clients to understand exactly what they want from the footage, mapping out engaging key messages that they want to get across for a variety of audiences. Crucially, this means thinking big and making sure one session of filming will produce video for as many separate pieces of content as possible.

This makes things hugely cost-effective, giving you a range of clips that can form the basis of multiple campaigns. Why film just one video when you could get enough footage for half a dozen, plus a corporate video and customer testimonials?

Managing logistics

Planning a video shoot needs to be done with military precision, but don’t worry, because we’ve got it covered. We brief everyone involved so they know exactly what’s happening and what they have to do. That goes for all your team, and all guests.

If necessary, we’ll carry out a site visit beforehand to check everything over, and get all approvals needed from venues and sponsors. If you have them, we’ll make sure we pore over your brand guidelines to ensure everything we do is bang on message.

Filming and more

The team will be on location on the day to make sure the filming goes smoothly, but we’re not done yet.

We carry out all the post-production to create multiple assets, we source stock footage and extra material from clients, and finally upload to YouTube with all the relevant tags and other digital wizardry to make sure it has maximum impact.

Our clients love it

Take Finpro for example. This trade organisation was preparing to hold an event at the private residence of the Finnish ambassador, and we spotted a real opportunity, so suggested filming it.

With just one week of preparation, the Finpro ended up with a wealth of content it can use for months, including:

  • A pitch video to encourage new members
  • Film of every presentation from ten companies
  • Videos of two keynote speakers
  • Interviews with experts highlighting industry trends
  • Testimonials from many of the 100 attendees
  • Short clips for social media updates.

Here is one of the videos from that event (find more on our video services page):

As Mikko Salmi, Marketing Communications Specialist at Finpro says:

“Nicky and her team have been exceptionally proactive in supporting us and our member companies gain ground in the UK market. Padua Communications created state-of-the-art video footage from our customer event.”

“The look and feel of the videos met our expectations perfectly, and we got more than we hoped for. I would highly recommend Padua Communications for anyone interested in good quality content and a proactive approach.”

We’ve done similar projects for New Technology CADCAM, Ipsos and other clients, so to find out what we can do for you, take a look at our video services page, email [email protected] or call 0203 282 7570.

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