Content is important, but customer satisfaction is the key driver for us

By Nicky Rudd
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Excellent customer satisfactionOne of the things that is different about our approach and how we work with clients is that we don’t offer anything off-the-shelf. Everything we do for clients is focused on their goals.

The information we need mostly comes from our clients as we hold regular interview sessions with the key technical experts, so our service is a lot more bespoke than ‘just write some blogs, or ‘pitch out a press release’.

It is also one of the reasons we are good at finding PR opportunities that are the right fit. Good PR takes time, and ensuring that journalists have the material that is suitable for their audience is central to how we plan content.

Importance of planning

When we plan our clients’ content calendars, one of the questions we ask is whether the stories will make good media pieces. If they will, we work backwards from there, shaping the story and supporting materials as required.

When we work with clients over the long term, we can spot these at the planning stage, months before a customer installation or project goes live. At that point they are added to the content planning pot and are worked on once installed with a customer. It all adds up to months of careful planning working to a defined strategy, the very opposite of a quick, dirty PR campaign.

I am a passionate believer in good service and am one of those people who complains in restaurants if I think I’m being given short shrift. Providing excellent service is also one of the fundamentals of how we do business. In the seven years since I started Padua Communications, we have never lost a client to bad service. That is something of which I am very proud.

Positive feedback

Just today I have received the following comments from our clients – “I love it, thank you!” and “It’s great to get your perspective”. The first is about a case study that has been written for a customer for a lead generation campaign. The second followed some suggested taglines for an exhibition stand.

Those comments helped me remember what my favourite things are about running Padua Communications: producing exceptional content that delivers on our clients’ requirements, making clients happy and getting rewarded with praise.

If you feel like you are getting short shrift from your agency or your creative team are coming up with ideas that are not making the headlines, call us on 0203 282 7570 or email at [email protected]

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