Are you stuck in a creativity rut? We get asked all the time how we come up with creative ideas for our clients when drafting their blog content or beginning marketing campaigns. When we’re asked how, I’m not sure how to answer. We just think differently and we’ve been doing what we do for a long time so we know what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes business owners and marketing managers just need to bounce their ideas off of someone so this year, every other Thursday starting from later this week, the 12th of February, we are offering our Helpful Hour from 5pm to 6pm. If you have a marketing idea that you’re not sure will work or a communications query that you just want to flesh out, why not bounce it off of us? Call us on 0203 282 7570 or email us at to book a slot to speak to us (completely free of charge)…and we’ll try our best to get you buzzing with fresh ideas so your marketing activity is front and centre.